All my photographs are shot on 35mm & a small amount of 120 film.
I don’t use any post enhancement or manipulation.

I shoot all my 35mm on a Canon EOS 5 using many different film stocks.

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing anything. All enlargements will be made from the original negative.

Remaining RAW Showcase 10″x12″ framed prints are available at $225 for Black & White, and $195 for Colour.

All other reprints:
10″x12″ $350 framed $175 unframed
12”x16” $520 framed $360 unframed
16”x20” $710 framed $490 unframed
20”x24” $930 framed $650 unframed
24”x30” $1180 framed $840 unframed
30”x36” $1460 framed $1060 unframed

‘RAW Showcase’ images are editioned #/9
‘A Quiet Continent’ Exhibition images are editioned #/27

I’m also shamelessly merchandising here on Society 6