Since graduating the New Zealand Film and TV School at the end of 2002, I have been actively engaged in the film industry as a lighting assistant in a wide range of projects, as well as fulfilling my desires to be a Cinematographer and Editor as much as I can manage.

I first became curious about cinematography simply from watching films and wondering why some out of focus points of light in the background were stretched ovals in some films and only round in others. This was of course is because of the use of Anamorphic versus Spherical lenses, but i had no idea about what that meant when i was 14.

I became a projectionist in order to see a lot of free films, and then I became very interested in the technical aspects of film production, from handling and seeing a lot a lot of film, and having a naturally curious mind.
I attended film school basically to figure out where I might fit my awkward self into the industry, and now know that my passion and future lie in Cinematography.

I have had the opportunity over the past few years to shoot various formats for an impressive array of projects, and I consider myself technically astute and confident. I now have one 16mm originated feature film under my belt, as well as a healthy body of work in music videos and short films.